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Sean and Cathy Cayton

We’re a husband and wife with three beautiful children. We live in a supportive community, work in a breathtaking landscape, watch our family grow day-by-day. Try telling us we don’t have the finest job on earth. To know us is to know us as parents, partners in love and life, photographers of kindred spirit. We come from deep, knowable roots. Four generations of farm families that lived, loved, worked and were buried in the same land. We forget to toss around words like service, hard work and devotion. It’s in our blood. Dive into our Journal. See beautiful weddings (including our own), learn about our clients, experience intimate and funny moments in our lives. Learn how we photograph and why one of us always has camera in hand. See what gets us visually excited — always emotion, and those fleeting (often lost) moments that speak for themselves.

  • Your Vision

    We shoot with our eyes–and yours.

  • Heart

    The love story between you, your family, your friends.

  • Beauty

    In so many forms: Emotion. Nature. Color. Light. Texture.

  • Surprise

    We’re always watching for the glance, the touch, the unexpected juxtaposition, the breakout moments.


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