A wonderful Thank You note from Alexis and Eric

Alexis and Eric's engagement sitting Manitou Springs.

“The pictures are freaking amazing! I have never been able to look at a picture and remember exactly what I was feeling when it was taken… You captured who we are. You captured the beauty and warmth of our Colorado. I had all of these memories of the arcade and the Broadmoor as a little kid, and you helped US create new memories of these very nostalgic places TOGETHER!!! That meant so much. Not only are you stuck with me and Eric forever, but you’ve really dug yourself a hole. His mom was in tears, his cousin wouldn’t stop talking about your photography, my sister got all giddy, my mom is still trying to figure out how Facebook works but she’ll see ’em soon, my friends have already selected their favs for a save the date AND a mandatory list of “must hang in the house” photos…and the list goes on and on. And all of this took about an hour to accumulate. Everyone has just oogled over your website all day, and not just at our portion! I look at those photos and I never, ever imagined we could look so good!! And the best part was to finally get to see what you saw, and the way you saw it. Amazing. You see every color, every angle, every tree, every green bench =) I don’t know how you do it, but you see it all, and some how, SOME HOW, you can create this amazing photo, with two goofy people, catching the genuineness of a moment, the emotion, not forcing it, not dictating how YOU think it SHOULD be. You allow it to unfold and then you grab it! I’m gonna stop now before I really sound like a nut. But thank you a million times over. Everyone from family, to the nurses in the new office I’ve only been at for a week, were beyond blown away, they were moved by your work. Way to go. You are awesome and we are so lucky to have found you! So many people have asked for your info, so I am just sending them to your website for contact info. You have no idea how much this means to us. Thank you.” — Alexis and EricCouple kissing in front of a "Love Tester" game at Manitou Springs Penny Arcade.


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