About Cayton Photography

We’re a husband and wife with three beautiful and entertaining children. We live in a supportive community, work in a breathtaking landscape, watch our family grow day-by-day. Try telling us we don’t have the finest job on earth. To know us is to know us as parents, partners in love and life, photographers of kindred spirit. We come from deep, knowable roots. Four generations of farm families that lived, loved, worked and were buried in the same land. We forget to toss around words like service, hard work and devotion. It’s in our blood. We invite you to dive into our web site. See some of the fun, relaxed and intimate weddings we’ve been privileged to photograph.. Learn how we photograph and why one of us always has camera in hand. See what gets us visually excited — always emotion, and those fleeting (often lost) moments that speak for themselves.

  • Sean

  • Principal
  • Sean’s mother gave him his first camera when he was 13 and Sean started working professionally as a newspaper photographer after graduating from Colorado College. Sean has photographed nationally and internationally and has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, US News & World Report, LA Times, MSNBC, Christian Science Monitor and The Denver Post. Sean photographed his first wedding for a family member. This experience inspired him to dive deeper – exploring the wedding narrative – using story-telling techniques carefully honed during his journalism assignments.

Sean and Cathy
  • Sean and Cathy

  • on their wedding day
  • Sean and Cathy met at a newspaper in the town of Montrose on Colorado’s Western Slope. The area is filled with natural beauty and their courtship began in a small farmhouse surrounded by an orchard with a view of the San Juan Mountains. They share a deep love for Colorado and moved to Colorado Springs in 1999.  In 2003, Sean and Cathy were wed in front of Cathy’s childhood home in Whitefield, New Hampshire. In 2005, Abby was born and her two brothers, Harper and Jacob, quickly followed. Today, Sean and Cathy are raising their three children with the values they were taught growing up; persistence, dedication and hard work.

Cathy with our daughter Abby, now 13!
  • Cathy with our daughter Abby, now 13!

  • Principal
  • Cathy’s first pictures were for her high school year book and she’s been known to stalk garage sales looking for darkroom equipment. After graduating Sum Cum Laude in communications from Colby Sawyer College in New Hampshire, Cathy traveled west and began working at a small newspaper on Colorado’s Western Slope. Today, Cathy works as a designer for the local chamber of commerce. She also accepts her own wedding commissions. Cathy much prefers artful photographs with a strong narrative over grab shots and contrived poses. Making pictures that tell a compelling story, she says, is the most rewarding kind of pictures to make.


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