Anna’s voicemail and Cayton Photography reviews

Cayton Photography reviews

Our recent full-page wedding advertisement in the Colorado Springs Independent is a thank you to our clients from this year’s wedding season. After it was published we received this voicemail from Anna. Here’s what she said:

“My name is Anna. I’m calling to thank you for the visual treat, your advertisement in this week’s Independent. I’m the lady who called at the end of September because I was just so impressed with the beautiful photograph you had that week. ‘Congratulations to Katrina and John on their wedding at the New Craftwood Inn Event Center in Manitou Springs.’ I was very happy to see you included my all-time favorite photograph that I had called you about. I just compliment you on the beautiful work you do and I enjoy looking at your advertisements every time they come out. I’m 88-years-old so I’m not about to be using your services but I do enjoy seeing your work when it appears in the Independent. Again many thanks for your lovely ads. Bye now.” — transcribed voicemail we received after this our ad was published in the Colorado Springs Independent.

colorado springs wedding photographer

Full-page advertisement published in the Colorado Springs Independent, a thank you to couples who trusted us with their wedding pictures.

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