My little girl is only 9-years-old and already I’m starting to think about what it will be like on her wedding day. How will I feel walking her down the aisle, giving her away to the man of her dreams, sharing a dance with her and attempting to give a toast that isn’t a blubbery mess? I’m pretty sure I’m going to be one proud Papa. Being a Dad on your daughter’s wedding day has to be one of the most memorable and moving moments of a lifetime. When I photograph a wedding my “photographic ears” are always tuned in to fathers and their daughters. I’m keen to look out for those times when fathers and daughters turn and glance at each other. It’s a look of shared memory, of love, care, affection, fatherhood and daughterhood all rolled into one. Fathers and daughters (and mothers and sons, too) share something really special on a wedding day. It’s like there is a memory that goes all the way back to childhood and suddenly it comes roaring back to life with one little look at Dad! When that happens during a wedding, everyone (and I mean everyone) has their hanky out, including me. I’m so privileged to photograph this relationship. It’s also one I’m very much looking forward to being a part of.  If you’re getting married soon, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to pay special attention when you are with your Dad. In the rush to get all of the family pictures or to capture you in a dramatic pose with your bridegroom, a great picture with your Dad is sometimes overlooked. This is a picture that carries so much meaning and memory and in the years to come you will find you and your father returning to it, often. Finally, be sure on your wedding day to take some time with Dad and tell him just how much you love him. Your big day is his big day too! Here are some images from recent weddings of fathers and daughters sharing in unforgettable memories on the wedding day. — Sean

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