November 24, 2015

Cayton Photography reviews by recent couples

Bride and groom exit to tossed birdseed at the Cheyenne Mountain Country Club at the end of their wedding reception.

Cayton Photography reviews by Brian & Ashley

“Dear Sean, Just a note of thanks for the outstanding job you did on our wedding photos. I can’t tell you how many times Ashley has mentioned how happy she is with them. Needless to  say, it’s something we’ll be grateful for all or our married life together. You’re truly gifted.” — Brian & Ashley

Colorado-Springs-backyard-wedding Cayton Photography reviews by Kylee & Ben

“Dear Sean, Thank you so much for photographing our wedding day so beautifully. Our friends and family had so much fun with you and we have loved sharing our amazing photos with them. Thanks to you hard work we will have this wonderful narrative of that day preserved always! It really is special to us:) Best Wishes to you and your family!” — Kylee & Ben

perry_park_country_club_weddingCayton Photography reviews by Rebecca & Christopher

“We’re excited to share our pictures with everyone who attended our celebration! Most importantly, we are incredibly glad you were our photographer. Everyone we talked with said you were so dedicated and engaging, we’ll be in touch soon.” — Rebecca & Christopher


 Cayton Photography reviews by Samantha & Christopher

“Thank you for jumping in with so much enthusiasm! We are so glad we got to work with you. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and for capturing our special day!” — Samantha H.

Cayton Photography reviewsCayton Photography reviews by Claire & Max

“Having worked with Sean on a number of professional projects over the years, he was the only person I could imagine photographing my wedding. Not only is he a gifted photographer, he is a kind and generous person. He took the time to get to know my fiance and structure an engagement shoot that reflects who we are as people, climbing through theatre scaffolding and fording icy rivers to get the perfect shots to tell our story. At the wedding, he scouted beautiful locations, managed our time expertly, charmed our guests thoroughly, and created a portfolio of images that made us shed tears of joy. So many of our guests told us afterward how impressed they were with his professionalism and the genuine delight he took in documenting the celebration, and of course we’re still hearing about how much people like the photos. Our wedding did not have a large budget, and most of it was DIY, but our contract with Cayton Photography was worth every penny for the ease of mind that comes with having a consummate professional to document the day down to the last detail. We owe such a debt of gratitude to Sean, and can’t recommend him highly enough.” — Claire F.

Cayton Photography reviewsCayton Photography reviews by Virginia & Richard

“Richard and I count ourselves as so very lucky to have had such a unique moment in time captured and preserved in such a way that even a year later, the story is so clear and the memories so vivid. We asked Sean to tell a rather intimate story of a couple marrying for what seemed like the first time and who had invited only twelve guests to celebrate with them. The unique challenges that this wedding created required a professional who could be creative and effective on a much more personal basis. While our closest friends and family gathered for a weekend of celebration, Sean was able to not only relay in pictures how important these people are to us, but did so in such a way that we missed him when he was gone. The story that he was able to tell as a result of his creativity and talent is something we will cherish for all time. We are forever grateful.” — Virginia D. 

Cayton Photography reviewsCayton Photography reviews by Emily & Billy

“Thanks so much for everything you have done. The canvas print, upgrades to our album, getting them in time for holiday gifts and most of all – making our wedding special and helping to make this memory last forever. You are great at what you do. It shows that you care and your passion shines through.” — Emily A.

Cayton Photography reviewsCayton Photography reviews by Esther & Jason

“I really want to thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL photographs of our wedding day! You were so great to work with and really made Jason and I feel so comfortable with you! Our guests couldn’t believe you weren’t simply a guest at our wedding because of how wonderful and friendly you were with all of us! I still get compliments on how gorgeous our pictures are and how they seem like they’re straight out of a bridal magazine… Thank you so so much. You’re the best!” — Esther K.

Cayton Photography reviews

Cayton Photography reviews by Meredith & Chris

“We are recovering from the wedding but didn’t we didn’t want to let any time go by before thanking you for everything you did at the wedding! We wished you could have stayed and ate and danced instead of working because we all thought you were a lot of fun. We haven’t even seen the photographs but we know they will be fabulous. Even Uncle Haskell said you were amazing as he watched your careful portrait shots! Anyway…part of what makes you so wonderful is your way with people and we just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you.” — Meredith K.

Cayton Photography reviewsCayton Photography reviews by Ann & Todd

Sean, What can we say? We are indebted to you! Our photos are beautiful – elegant and very much reflect our spirit. We can’t say enough about you and your work. We are thrilled that we have your photos to remember our day. — Ann C.

Cayton Photography reviewsCayton Photography reviews by Jacqueline & Brian

“You have such a gift Sean and we all feel so fortunate to get the benefit of your talent. Not only do we have wonderful documentation of such a special event, but we have something REALLY SPECIAL to show the multitude of people who could not be there. I love that they all “feel” the joy of the day. Only you could have done that! Thank you does not begin to express our gratitude!” — Jacqueline C.

Cayton Photography reviewsCayton Photography reviews by Alicia & Marc

Sean Cayton is hands down the best thing you could spend your money on. He is worth the investment. Sean is so perceptive to his clients that he doesn’t really have a “style.” His style so purely reflects the character of his subjects. – Alicia P.