Gita and Nick were married on Saturday, July 7, 2007 at Keystone Ranch. Gita and Nick are from Atlanta and make their home in Seattle. But Nick grew up skiing in the winter at Keystone and golfing in the summer at Keystone Ranch. During one of their get-away trips to Keystone, Gita and Nick decided it would be the perfect location for their wedding. Theirs was no ordinary wedding. Nick and Gita planned an elaborate four-day affair for their family and friends that included both Indian and Western traditions. It also involved two ceremonies on their wedding day. Gita and Nick were married in both a Hindu and Christian ceremony. They also made a weekend out of their wedding with scheduled events, including an Indian dance party Thursday night. Their wedding was the perfect blend of both families’ cultural traditions. Thank you Gita and Nick for inviting me to photograph your wedding! — Sean



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