firstbirthdayparty1 I photographed Nick’s first birthday last Saturday as part of a year-in-the-life project that I’m doing for Nick and his parents. We had a great time and Nick was in good spirits, excited to see all of his guests and enjoying every minute. Photographing a child’s birthday, especially if it’s their first birthday, is a great occasion for photography. Here are some rules for taking birthday pictures that I always live by. First, I use a portrait lens to keep busy backgrounds from taking over. Second, I use natural light to create depth and to avoid that “overly-flashed” look. Finally, before the start of the party I take time to make a set of family pictures. There’s nothing more meaningful or cherished than family pictures from your child’s first birthday. By making a concerted effort to photograph grandparents and other family before the start of the party you won’t have to worry that you missed someone and everyone can really enjoy themselves during the party, including you:) Happy shooting! — Sean


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