I will admit it. I brought my real camera on vacation, but I never used it. We were on vacation, after all, so why would I want to feel like I was working rather than enjoying?




iphonevacation_1 iphonevacation_2 iphonevacation_3 Our iPhones were the perfect tool for our vacation. Only when the inspirational moments came, unhurried and unrehearsed, did we take a picture. With the three little ones in tow, Cathy and I journeyed to the Chesapeake, just across the bay from Annapolis. We spent a week there and enjoyed waterfront views, took full advantage of the awesome seafood and watched for hours on end incredible sunsets on the water, a rarity on the east coast. A really great vacation also means that children can just be children. Only after they were exhausted and content, certain their sand castles were sturdy enough to withstand the incoming tide, did they come to bed. Can you tell we enjoyed every minute? There was no real parenting allowed. But photography? Oh yes, lots. What a luxury to not have to parent AND take pictures. You do one or the other on a vacation, but never at the same time:) — Sean p.s. special thanks to sister Viney for the amazing sunset picture at the bottom of this post.

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