How To Get Great Wedding Pictures : The Art of Connection

A mother of the bride recently asked me in an email how I would describe my style. Here was my response: "I'm a former newspaper photographer. So my style might be photojournalism. But beyond that my method is to photograph connection. Connection between the couple, their families and their friends. If there's one thing it's to photograph people making a connection with each other, that happens mostly in unrehearsed or unscripted moments throughout the day."  The ability to connect with people in a way that goes beyond the cliché is what makes a great wedding picture. Here is a sampling of wedding pictures from this year illustrating the art of Connection. — Sean How-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesGarden of the Gods Club wedding picturesBroadmoor wedding pictures

How To Get Natural Wedding Pictures

Here is a storytelling scene from Jill and Ben's wedding day at the Garden of the Gods Club. I photographed Ben getting ready with his Dad, his brother and his father-in-law. It's a nice illustration of a tried and true recipe for getting natural wedding pictures. • Hire A Wedding Photojournalist One of the tenets of photojournalism is truthful documentation. Photojournalists don't impose their vision on your wedding day. Rather, they start with you first and create an honest narrative where you and your families are the main characters of the story. To put it another way, the wedding photojournalist starts with the goal of faithfully representing you and your loved ones. • Give Your Photographer All Access Great photojournalism is all about capturing unrehearsed moments in a relaxed and natural way. Allow your photographer all access. This can only be done in collaboration with you! Let them see your interactions with your loved ones. Let your photographer be inside the room AND inside the relationship. • Act Natural If you found the right wedding photographer, then this is easy. A good photographer is a good person to be around. They are easy to talk to, friendly, outgoing and supportive. Act natural and your photographer will photograph you in a "state of grace." • Have Fun Don't be afraid to have fun in front of your wedding photographer. They want to see that side of you. Expression is a key to great wedding pictures and the more opportunities your photographer has to capture expressions, the better. — Seanrelaxed-wedding-picturerelaxed-wedding-picturerelaxed-wedding-picturerelaxed-wedding-picture relaxed-natural-wedding-pictures

Why You Should Consider A Morning Wedding

A morning wedding in Colorado is light, airy and fresh. There is no worry about weather and a luncheon is the perfect way to celebrate; think Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's. Follow the luncheon with a lazy afternoon and intimate dinner party. And with the money you save, splurge and hire a planner. That's what Carrie and John did. They were married in a traditional Catholic ceremony in the morning at The Broadmoor's Pauline Chapel, a Colorado Springs historic landmark. A lunch reception at the Cheyenne Lodge immediately followed the ceremony. Celebrations by Maggie helped Carrie and John with their destination wedding. — Seanpauline-chapel-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturebroadmoor-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturepauline-chapel-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picturebroadmoor-cheyenne-lodge-wedding-picture



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