Wedding Ceremony Sites at The Broadmoor

We are often asked about wedding ceremony sites at The Broadmoor. There are several and each one has its own feel. To take advantage of the incredible mountain setting, many ceremonies at the Broadmoor are held outside. Here's a brief overview of Broadmoor wedding ceremony sites including pictures. I've also provided a reception room pairing for each of these ceremony locations at the Broadmoor. We hope you find this helpful when planning your Broadmoor wedding. — SeanBroadmoor wedding pictureBroadmoor wedding pictureLakeside Terrace 

The Lakeside Terrace is one of the Broadmooor's most spectacular settings. Capable of accomodating larger weddings with up to 250 guests, Lakeside Terrace ceremonies are typically held in the afternoon. The Lakeside Terrace offers views of the mountains and prominently features Cheyenne Mountain and Broadmoor West. In a way, the Lakeside Terrace is the "center court" of ceremony sites at the Broadmoor. Suggested Reception Room: Lakeside Terrace Dining RoomBroadmoor wedding pictureBroadmoor wedding pictureMountain View Terrace

The Mountain View Terrace is a covered terrace with views of Cheyenne Canon. The Mountain View Terrace sits in a secluded location outside the Broadmoor West and is perfect for private weddings with up to 200 guests. The Mountain View Terrace is also a great location for an outdoor reception. Morning wedding ceremonies are ideal at this location. The Mountain View Terrace features a beautiful fireplace, a dramatic fountain and immaculatley sculptured grounds. Suggested Reception Room: West BallroomBroadmoor wedding pictureBroadmoor wedding pictureCheyenne Lodge Terrace

The Cheyenne Lodge Terrace offers uninterrupted views of Colorado Springs and the mountains. The terrace sits outside the Cheyenne Lodge, a rustic Colorado Lodge. Because it is separate from the main resort, the Cheyenne Lodge is the most private of all Broadmoor ceremony and reception sites. The Cheyenne Lodge Terrace accommodates up to 250 guests and features a firepit and outdoor barbecue. Suggested Reception Room: Cheyenne LodgeBroadmoor wedding pictureBroadmoor wedding pictureSouth Terrace

The South Terrace sits in a quiet spot outside the classically decorated South Tower lobby and offers the most dramatic views of Cheyenne Mountain. The South Terrace is ideal for more intimate weddings. Ceremonies accommodate up to 130 guests. A late morning ceremony followed by cocktails on the South Tower patio and a lunch reception in the 5-star, 5-diamond Penrose Room is a favorite. Suggested Reception Room: Penrose RoomBroadmoor wedding pictureBroadmoor wedding pictureWest Tower Lawn

The West Tower Lawn  the greenest and the largest of all Broadmoor ceremony sites featuring a manicured lawn surrounded by Pine, Maple and Cherry trees. Adjacent to the tuscan-style west Tower lobby, the West Lawn accommodates up to 500 guests. The West Lawn is accessed from Broadmoor West. Suggested Reception Room Pairing: Main Ballroom

Colorado Springs Family Sitting : The Ruccius Family

Last weekend I photographed our friends the Ruccius family; Rachael and Nick with children Oliver, 8, Audrey, 4, and Eleanor, 2. We had a great time stomping through woods. Thank your Rachael and Nick. Your family is so precious and I'm thrilled with the photographs! — Cathycolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picture

Interfaith Jewish & Catholic Wedding at the Garden of the Gods Club

Jill and Ben were married in an interfaith ceremony presided by a Rabbi and Catholic Priest on the sunrise terrace at the Garden of the Gods Club. A dinner reception immediately followed the ceremony. — Seaninterfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photointerfaith-wedding-photo


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