How To Involve Your Children In Your Wedding

As a photographer I’m privileged to witness some incredible relationships and love stories. But there’s one relationship that is always very special - that of parent and child. If you’re remarrying or just doing a vow renewal and your children are present? Then here are some tips, below, for making your children feel loved and welcome at your wedding. I’ve also included some wonderful images from recent weddings where children got to be a part of their parent’s wedding day.daughter-walking-with-parents-wedding-garden-of-the-gods-clubTip #1 Make your wedding a family activity. I recommend having your children in your suite as you’re getting ready. Odds are good they’ve never worn anything like the outfits you wear on a wedding day. Having a parent in the room with them makes them feel more comfortable and special.getting-ready-wedding-the-broadmoorTip #2 Take some time before the ceremony to share a moment with them. Make sure your photographer is present. Your children often will not remember the day nearly as well as you do and a photograph of this moment will be treasured forever.mother-son-wedding-the-broadmoorTip # 3 You're the focus of attention on your wedding day. Because of this children often feel lost. Make certain they are celebrated just as much as you are. Let them walk you down the aisle, include them in your vows and do ask them to play a piece of music during the ceremony. mother-daughter-son-wedding-colorado-springsTip #4 Have your children with you during the toast, cake cutting and bouquet toss. These are fun activities. To be the center of attention is a lot more exciting than sitting and watching. father-daughters-wedding-the-broadmoorTip #5 And don’t forget! Small children must absolutely have a nap before the wedding:) — Sean


Thoughts On Style

colorado-springs-wedding-photographerDo you remember the blue tuxedo? How about the black and white picture of the couple with just the flowers in color? Or how about trashing your dress? And will putting Star Wars or Jurassic Park in the background ever get old? Whatever the next new thing is, probably won't be tomorrow. And wedding photography is the sorry proof. When you look back later, you can’t help but ask yourself, "What was I thinking?” Honestly? Style is a ruse. A charade. A polite veil hiding what's really important. And the worst part about style is that it grows up to be cliche. The more people that practice a certain style? The more cliche it becomes. What if we stop thinking aboutcolorado-springs-wedding-photographerstyle and start thinking about substance? Have a conversation with your 60-year-old self. What is it that will be important to that person? I think moments. Especially moments between loved ones. Those are never about style, but about something more. Moments will last longer than any stylish picture that’s all the rage right now. Here's a thought. What if we ignored style for the entire wedding day and just thought about having meaningful moments instead? How would that change your view of your wedding photographs when you look through them on your 25th wedding anniversary? — Sean

Addie & Adam’s Ultimate Wedding Book

Addie and Adam's Ultimate Wedding Book arrived. It's a beautiful presentation of their wedding. They were married at a small farm outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. — Seanwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-wedding


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