Cayton Photography Journal: Family pictures

Colorado Springs Family Sitting : The Banet Family

I photographed the Banet family, Nate and Kelly and their son Charlie, 2 1/2. We spent some time at their home in the Old North End and then wandered over to the playground at Monument Valley Park. Many thanks to the Banet family for a wonderful morning! — Seancolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picture

Cayton Photography Journal: Family pictures

The Dougherty Family Sitting

I photographed the Dougherty family; Andrew and Abby with their children Sam, 10, and Ella, 8 at their home in Andover, Massachusetts in August. We visited them on our return trip from a wedding in Porstmouth, New Hampshire. Andrew was my college roommate at Colorado College. Hoping you can come and ski with us in Colorado soon!  — Seanfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographerfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographerfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographerfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographer

Cayton Photography Journal: Family pictures

Colorado Springs Family Sitting : The Ruccius Family

Last weekend I photographed our friends the Ruccius family; Rachael and Nick with children Oliver, 8, Audrey, 4, and Eleanor, 2. We had a great time stomping through woods. Thank your Rachael and Nick. Your family is so precious and I'm thrilled with the photographs! — Cathycolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picture


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