Cayton Photography Journal: Family pictures

How To Photograph Your Children

It's Harper's 5th Birthday and I decided to remember the day by taking pictures of the kids. Photographing children can be challenging. Getting them to stay still, for instance, is impossible. But there is one trick I've learned when I take pictures of my kids that you may find helpful. Bribery goes a long way! For these pictures I promised them big lollipops after they sat for a portrait in front a wonderful window leading to my office. We had a great time. — Sean how-to-photograph-your-childrenhow-to-photograph-your-childrenhow-to-photograph-your-childrenhow-to-photograph-your-children

Cayton Photography Journal: Family pictures

Colorado Springs Family Sitting : The Banet Family

I photographed the Banet family, Nate and Kelly and their son Charlie, 2 1/2. We spent some time at their home in the Old North End and then wandered over to the playground at Monument Valley Park. Many thanks to the Banet family for a wonderful morning! — Seancolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picture

Cayton Photography Journal: Family pictures

The Dougherty Family Sitting

I photographed the Dougherty family; Andrew and Abby with their children Sam, 10, and Ella, 8 at their home in Andover, Massachusetts in August. We visited them on our return trip from a wedding in Porstmouth, New Hampshire. Andrew was my college roommate at Colorado College. Hoping you can come and ski with us in Colorado soon!  — Seanfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographerfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographerfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographerfamily-picture-colorado-springs-photographer


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