Colorado Springs Family Sitting : The Ruccius Family

Last weekend I photographed our friends the Ruccius family; Rachael and Nick with children Oliver, 8, Audrey, 4, and Eleanor, 2. We had a great time stomping through woods. Thank your Rachael and Nick. Your family is so precious and I'm thrilled with the photographs! — Cathycolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picture

Gold Camp Rd Family Sitting : The Kuchta Family

I photographed the Kuchta family; Katie, Justin, and their daughter Emma, 9-months, at sunset along Gold Camp Rd with views of North Cheyenne Cañon Park. I also photographed their wedding at The Broadmoor. See it here. Thank you Katie and Justin for wonderful evening. It was so nice to meet Emma! – Seancolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picturecolorado-springs-family-picture

Colorado Springs Family Pictures : The Laxson Family

I photgoaphed the Lasxon's, Todd, Ann and Nicholas, 2 1/2, at the Cherokee Ridge Golf Course. Todd is the head professional at Cherokee Ridge Golf Course and so we thought it would be fun to play with Nicholas around the putting green and go for a ride in a golf cart. It turned out to be the perfect recipe for photographing a precocious 2-year-old that can't always sit still:) A great time was had by all and we got some fabulous family shots! Thanks Ann and Todd for inviting me to the golf course! — Sean Colorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-pictureColorado-Springs-family-picture


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