Cayton Photography Journal: I Do I Do Forever

Virginia & Richard’s Wedding At The Broadmoor

Virginia and Richard were married at The Broadmoor in a late afternoon ceremony on the South Terrace in April. A cocktail hour and dinner reception in the world-renowned Penrose Room followed the ceremony. Virginia and Richard's wedding was very small, just 12guests. The intimate nature of their wedding is something that I really love.  Ambience Florals provided the flowers and Judge Jim Patterson officiated the ceremony. Virginia wore a stunning wedding dress by designer Romona Keveza. Thank you both for inviting me to photograph your wedding day! — Seanthe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-pictureBroadmoor wedding picturesthe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-wedding-picturePenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-receptionPenrose-Dining-Room-wedding-reception

Cayton Photography Journal: I Do I Do Forever

Michelle & Mark’s Wedding At The Broadmoor

the-broadmoor-wedding-pictureMichelle and Mark were married  The Broadmoor in October. Michelle and Mark planned a destination wedding with help from Celebrations by Maggie for a small group of friends and family. Ambience Florals did a beautiful job with flowers and decor. Michelle and Mark decided to see each other before the ceremony which worked out perfectly. They were able to enjoy the cocktail hour at sunset on the terrace with their guests. Thank you both for inviting me to photograph your wedding! – Seanthe-broadmoor-wedding-picture

Cayton Photography Journal: I Do I Do Forever

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Wedding : Caitlin & Emilio

Caitlin and Emilio were married Saturday, September 18, 2010 at the Fine Arts Center. Caitlin and Emilio decided to see each other before their ceremony and they met in front of Caitlin's home. Afterwards we traveled to the Garden of the Gods for some pictures with the mountains. Emilio is a hopeless romantic. A very sweet moment happened during dinner when Emilio, accompanied by a Mariachi band, serenaded Caitlin. Thank you both so much for inviting me to photograph your wedding! — Sean

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