Keystone Wedding : Bonnie & Erin

Bonnie and Erin were married at the Ski Tip Lodge at Keystone in March. Bonnie and Erin, with help from Denver's Sapphire Celebrations, planned a destination wedding. About 40 of their family and friends traveled from Chicago. The Ski Tip Lodge, is just like it sounds, a quaint and beautiful old lodge that spends most of its time as a B&B operated by Keystone and some of its time as a wedding chateau complete with a chef that prepares the most exquisite gourmet meals. Thanks Bonnie and Erin for inviting me to a photograph your wedding! — Seankeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picture

Where Should We Do Our Engagement Pictures?

If I see one more engagement shoot from an anonymous mountain location and the couple looks as if they’re perfect for Pinterest? Well... don’t get me started. Couples in love come in all shapes and sizes. They are real people and have real interests. Where you do your engagement photographs isn’t about the background. It’s about you. So, don’t be boring. You fell in love. You have shared interests. Who doesn’t want to be pictured in an exciting life with a person you’re excited to love? Do something together that makes you feel whole and one with your surroundings. Be YOU (together) and your engagement pictures will be beautiful. Pictured below are some recent examples. Kyle and Ben courted on the red rocks of Colorado. Nick proposed to Bailey on a stretch of flyfishing water. Ali and Joe fell in love with the LA music scene and with each other. Jacqueline and Brian met on a ski slope at Keystone. And Laura and Roy? They share a passion for high-altitude running and the Continental Divide. Wherever you decide to do your engagement pictures? Just be you:) —Sean


How to photograph inside a dark church

how-to-photograph-inside-a-dark-churchPhotography in a dark church is getting easier all of the time. The technology of digital cameras allows nearly everyone to photograph inside a dark church without too much trouble. Still, it's hard not to get blurry, out of focus or overly flashed pictures... mostly because no one knows exactly how to do it.My rule of thumb for how to photograph inside a dark church? Shoot fast, think shoot fast, I mean that I use a fast lens, usually a prime lens with a fixed focal length, so that I can photograph without a flash. By think slow, I mean I don't move very fast. I'm careful to stand in the most promising places for pictures (where the light is) and I'm careful to hold my camera very still. By holding a camera very still, sometimes leaning it against a solid object like the back of a church pew, I can photograph at slower shutter speeds without causing a blurry picture. It definitely takes some practice and it's a great reason I try to photograph the wedding rehearsal. Practicing before the big day makes it so much easier to create dramatic and beautiful photographs of the ceremony. — Sean


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