Gretchen & Chris’ Fine Art Wedding Book

We just finished Gretchen and Chris' Fine Art Wedding Book and it's a beautiful presentation of their wedding at St. Paul Catholic Church and their reception at The Broadmoor. Gretchen and and Chris decided on a 14x10 library-bound Fine Art book with a contemporary leather cover. The pages have an ivory mat and the images are set sharply from the page with a black keyline. Gretchen and Chris' selected the wedding images for their book carefully and we were able to design it so that there are many wonderful signature images played on a full page. The book our most popular and it always takes some time for our couples to choose their images. Once they do, we provide an electronic proof to them before we send the book to our book manufacturer based in New Zealand. There are a large number of material selections available for the cover, but our favorite is the contemporary leather. I'm  in love with how it looks and can't wait for Gretchen and Chris to receive their wedding album. — Sean


Avoid These Four Mistakes If You Want Great Wedding Pictures

planning-wedding-photography1. Not selecting a photographer with a style that matches your own is the most common mistake. A photographer that practices intimate portraiture and acts like a fly on the wall is different in approach than the photographer who spends more time producing a picture by giving direction. It's important to know which you prefer since each approach will result in different kinds of pictures. A careful look at a photographer's portfolio will help. Tip: Ask the photographer about a story behind one of the pictures in their portfolio. The answer will often tell you if they're a good fit with your style and your vision of your wedding.planning-wedding-photography2. Not creating a good photography schedule is another common mistake. If you're investing in professional wedding photography, then a firm timeline of your wedding day, including picture requests, is an absolute must. Poor scheduling directly effects the quality of your wedding pictures! If you prefer a candid approach, then your schedule may be more flexible. If you have specific must-have pictures, then your schedule will be more detailed. Or, you may enjoy a mix of candid photography and more formal pictures. Tip: Easy way to create a wedding schedule is to ask your photographer for a sample. Use that as your template.planning-wedding-photography3. Worrying over small details or the little planning hiccups that always happen at a wedding can directly effect how you look in your wedding pictures. If you're not using a professional wedding planner, assign a close friend or relative to help with the little things on your wedding day. Your photographer wants you to have a truly memorable experience and will do everything they can to keep things relaxed. You must do everything you can to avoid fussing over the little things. Tip: An intimate wedding with 50 guests is different than one with 250 guests. The larger the wedding, the more specific your wedding day plan should be and the more you should rely on others to help with the details on the big day.planning-wedding-photography4. Not creating a wedding album is another common mistake. Collaborating with your photographer to create your wedding pictures is just the first step in a finished presentation of your wedding day. The final step is creating an album destined to be a family keepsake for generations. Too often, wedding pictures languish online without proper presentation. Like you, your wedding photographer has a specific vision; one that you chose them for. The most appropriate presentation of your wedding photographs is a wedding album. Tip: As soon as you receive your wedding photographs, if you haven't already purchased one, ask your photographer about creating an album. They should be able to offer you something that presents your wedding day in a unique and personal way. All photographs by Cayton Photography. — Sean

Why Your Wedding Photographs Will Be Remarkable

I attended a bridal show and was talking with a woman who recently got engaged. It was near the end of the show when she approached me and began asking me questions about wedding pictures. She had a friend with her who was helping her plan her destination wedding already she made a lot of decisions. But she was still looking for a photographer for her wedding. A slide show of my wedding pictures from the past year was playing in the background, as they flashed she kept nudging her friend. Then she asked what it was that made our wedding pictures look so different. I jumped into an explanation about how "we capture the moment" and realized immediately how canned and cliche that explanation really is. It didn't do justice to the pictures on the screen. The images were mostly of people and they were feeling something. They were caught in a momentBroadmoor wedding picturesthat happened to be out of this world! These are remarkable photographs, but NOT because I'm a remarkable photographer. But because the emotion in the pictures is remarkable:) The subjects in the photographs are literally having an Authentic Emotional Experience. By authentic, I mean truthful. You can't pose it, you can't orchestrate it and you can't recreate it. When it happens, it happens. We just take a picture of it. Sounds simple. But it's actually quite difficult and hard to do. Photographers all have a niche, wether its fashion or details or dramatic poses of the bride and groom and quite often all three. Our niche is moments. Ok, here's my second attempt at explanation. What we really do differently is to photograph YOUR emotional experience in a truthful and honestBroadmoor wedding picturesway. It's not every day that people wear their emotions on their sleeve. I mean really, who does this on a weekday at the office? On your wedding day though you DO do this and so does everyone else; your fiance, your best friend, your Mom AND your Dad, and your guests. Emotions are always on the surface and at any moment they show themselves. So that's what we do. We wait in the present moment, we watch and we photograph. It's these authentic emotional experiences that really matter. The truthful nature of your pictures causes you, your family, your friends and, yes, even strangers who don't know you to remark: "Wow! What a fabulous wedding picture!" That's as good as I can explain it and, hopefully, next time I won't respond with something as cliche as "We capture the moment." — SeanWoodland Park wedding pictures


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