What To Wear For Your Engagement Pictures

"What do I wear for my engagement pictures?" Great question and it depends entirely on your own style and taste. Along with the location, your dress sets a tone for the pictures and evokes a mood. My Mom constantly reminded me when shopping; always wear clothes with staying power. They are never outdated. That said go with any dress that fits your style best. Just make certain it has staying power:) — Sean

More ideas for engagement pictures: 

• Figure out your story. If, for instance, you met on the ski slopes or at the dog park, consider incorporating the ski hill or the dog park during your sitting. 

• Consider more than one outfit and more than one location. Breaking your shoot into more than one session provides contrast and more options. 

•  Use the movies. I take inspiration from the movies. One of my favorites is the "Royal Tenenbaums." Style is everywhere in the movies.

•  Be yourself. Don't fake it. If you're more comfortable in cowboy boots and jeans than a cocktail dress? Go with what makes you, YOU. 

• Makeup and hair are important. But don't overdo it. — Seanengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wear

Best Colorado Mountain Wedding Destinations

The best mountain wedding destinations in Colorado are Keystone Ranch, Ten Mile Station and Beaver Creek. Here's why: They are really close to Denver (2 hours or less) with easy access to I-70. Guests can stay in the mountains or stay in Denver and drive to the wedding. Each location offers five-star service and amenities plus professional coordinators that makes planning a wedding a breeze from start to finish. Each location offers chefs and caterers by referral that are over-the-top. I've included a brief description with pictures, below, of each wedding location and what makes it special. Click on the name of any location for more information. Thanks, and I hope you find this helpful! — Seankeystone-ranch-wedding-pictureKeystone Ranch - Keystone, Colorado Keystone Ranch is an original 1930’s Ranch homestead that now serves as a four-star restaurant and pro shop for the Keystone Ranch Golf Course, a legendary 18-hole mountain course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr.  The ranch offers spectacular mountain views and is easily accessible. A luxurious green lawn is a favorite site for outdoor ceremonies in the summer. Inside, winter ceremonies are held in the great room with the Ranch's original fireplace providing a warm, intimate experience. Rustic chic is the description that fits this location best. What isn't mentioned in brochures or online is the dining. Keystone Ranch is hands down one of the finest restaurants in Colorado. The Ranch is rated by Zagat Survey, has a AAA four diamond rating and is a winner of Wine Spectators Best of Award of Excellence and the DiRoNa award. Accommodates up to 180 guests in the summer, 120 guests in the winter. For an expanded guest list, tents are available.keystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-picturekeystone-ranch-wedding-pictureTen Mile Station — Breckendridge , Colorado Getting married at Ten Mile Station feels as if you're getting married on top of the world. Located on Peak 9 at the top of the QuickSilver SuperChair at Breckenridge Ski Resort it sits at 10,234 feet and is easily one of the highest locations in Colorado for a wedding. Surrounded by spectacular views, the restaurant is complete with a mining theme and a spacious heated deck with views of the Upper Blue Valley and the Continental Divide. The deck, BTW, is perfect for outdoor ceremonies. But ceremonies are often held at several of the local churches in Breckenridge, a short ten minute drive away. Breckenridge itself is the epitome of a Colorado mountain town. It has a wonderful Victorian feel and offers a charming Main Street with some of the best dining, shopping and nightlife you can find anywhere in Colorado. Ten Mile Station accomodates up to 200 guests and is available from late May to September. NOTE: Plan a wedding at Ten Mile Station with your oldest guests in mind. The altitude is a challenge for those visiting from the low country.  10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-picture10-mile-station-wedding-pictureThe Chapel at Beaver Creek and Spruce Saddle Lodge - Beaver Creek, Colorado There are two locations at Beaver Creek which offer wonderful settings for wedding ceremonies. The first is the Chapel at Beaver Creek. The Chapel is owned and operated by the Beaver Creek Religious Foundation, which is comprised of clergy and lay representatives from each of its member congregations. Wedding reservations at the Chapel can be made via member congregations of several faith traditions. The chapel was built in 1987 in a grove of Balsam trees located at the base of the ski mountain. The chapel seats approximately 200 in the main sanctuary and an additional 50 in the balcony. The second ceremony location is Spruce Saddle Lodge at the top of the Centennial Express Chair Lift. The Spruce Saddle Lodge offers breathtaking scenery with incredible views of the Gore Mountain Range. The lodge sits at 10,200 feet and wedding guests have the option of taking the chair lift directly to Spruce Saddle, or transportation via chartered shuttle. The lodge is available May-September with capacity of 150 to 500 guests. What makes Beaver Creek a special mountain wedding destination is the intimacy of the resort. The Alpine Village has an unhurried feel and offers a number of great reception experiences including the Beaver Creek Chophouse. If you're a foodie, the Chop House is a destination in itself and is just a short walk from the chapel through an Aspen forest:)beaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picturebeaver-creek-wedding-picture

5 Simple Tips For Perfect Wedding Pictures

tips-for-perfect-wedding-pictureGetting perfect wedding pictures shouldn’t be complicated. Here are five simple tips to help couples get wedding pictures that are beautiful and perfectly unique to them. 

Tip #1 Develop A Rapport Style comes into play here. Is your photographer more formal? Or, do they shoot from the hip? In both cases, there is a level of direction and willingness to let things unfold. It’s important to develop a rapport with your photographer (hopefully before the wedding day) that gives you a clear sense of how much direction you can expect as well as what feels right to you. 

Tip #2 Act Natural Be yourself in front of the camera. Pretending the photographer isn’t there frees you to be yourself. Laugh, smile, hug and cry. A good photograph is judged by whether it feels genuine. So, be genuine! Your photographer will always instruct you to look directly at the camera when it’s needed.

Tip #3 Show Your Love Love your bridegroom, love your family, love your friends. Are you an introvert? If you are, then this is the one day of your life where you need to be an extrovert. Share your feelings openly. Three things you can do to demonstrate your love — touch, hug and kiss. And don’t forget to dance. Dance as if you will never dance again.

Tip #4 Tip Your Hat To History Unless you’re planning an elopement, families are a big part of the wedding day. There are generations. The people you grew up with? You will not always grow old with. Now is the time to share a moment with your your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. Don’t be afraid to ask for these pictures. Get personal with a hug, an embrace or a laugh. Looking back you will remember fondly what they mean to you.

Tip #5 Celebrate Yourself Two glasses of champagne is enough for you to forget about the minor things on your wedding day. Relax, and enjoy every moment. Celebrate the day, this place, your spouse-to-be and most of all yourself. Smile when you walk down the aisle. Laugh a lot. Enjoy every minute and you will get beautiful wedding photographs and you will look gorgeous doing it:) Hopefully these simple tips help you get the wedding pictures you've always wanted to remember your day by! — Sean



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