Photograph Your Next Family Vacation With Your iPhone

family-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahoWe used our iPhones to photograph our family vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho and I can't say enough good things about this handy little camera. The images are excellent! We will use them with iPhoto to design and print a memory book of our trip. You know the old saying, "The best camera you have is the one you have with you?" Well, that's true. Next time you're on a family vacation, use your phone to capture the little observations and the small moments. It's great fun to travel with and you don't need to worry about a larger camera being damaged or stolen. We even brought it skiing with us to Dollar Mountain at the Sun Valley Resort and fly fishing on the Big Wood River. Idaho, btw, is a beautiful place and spending it with family made our trip even more memorable:) — Seanfamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idahofamily-vacation-pictures-sun-valley-idaho

A Great Excuse To Photograph Your Kids

Snow days are a great excuse to photograph your kids. We recently had a snow day and it was great opportunity for picture taking. Here are some photographs of Abby, 7, Harper, 5, and Jacob, 3. We went sledding together and I photographed Harper and Abby walking through a hall of trees on North Nevada Ave. — Sean


Love & Friendship at Manitou Springs Elementary

manitou-springs-elementary-schoolI photographed my daughter's second-grade class at Manitou Springs Elementary School on Valentines Day. This is the second installment of a yearly portrait project of  my daughter's class. Click here to see year one of the my project and to see how they've changed in only one year! If you're a parent of a second grader at MSES, please email me directly for link to a private gallery of all of the pictures where you can download and print the images at no charge. — Seanmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-school


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