How To Get Great Wedding Pictures : The Art of Connection

A mother of the bride recently asked me in an email how I would describe my style. Here was my response: "I'm a former newspaper photographer. So my style might be photojournalism. But beyond that my method is to photograph connection. Connection between the couple, their families and their friends. If there's one thing it's to photograph people making a connection with each other, that happens mostly in unrehearsed or unscripted moments throughout the day."  The ability to connect with people in a way that goes beyond the cliché is what makes a great wedding picture. Here is a sampling of wedding pictures illustrating the Art of Connection. — Sean How-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesGarden of the Gods Club wedding picturesBroadmoor wedding pictures

Stacey & Mike’s Sanctuary Wedding

Stacey and Mike's were married at the Sanctuary Golf Course in June. Stacey and Mike fell in love skiiing at Vail and flyfishing Colorado Rivers. They chose the Santcuary for its incredible views. Thank you Stacey and Mike for inviting me to photograph your wedding day!sanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-colorado

What To Wear For Your Engagement Pictures

"What do I wear for my engagement pictures?" Great question and it depends entirely on your own style and taste. Along with the location, your dress sets a tone for the pictures and evokes a mood. My Mom constantly reminded me when shopping; always wear clothes with staying power. They are never outdated. That said go with any dress that fits your style best. Just make certain it has staying power:) — Sean

More ideas for engagement pictures: 

• Figure out your story. If, for instance, you met on the ski slopes or at the dog park, consider incorporating the ski hill or the dog park during your sitting. 

• Consider more than one outfit and more than one location. Breaking your shoot into more than one session provides contrast and more options. 

•  Use the movies. I take inspiration from the movies. One of my favorites is the "Royal Tenenbaums." Style is everywhere in the movies.

•  Be yourself. Don't fake it. If you're more comfortable in cowboy boots and jeans than a cocktail dress? Go with what makes you, YOU. 

• Makeup and hair are important. But don't overdo it. — Seanengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wearengagment-pictures-what-to-wear


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