Love & Friendship at Manitou Springs Elementary

manitou-springs-elementary-schoolI photographed my daughter's second-grade class at Manitou Springs Elementary School on Valentines Day. This is the second installment of a yearly portrait project of  my daughter's class. Click here to see year one of the my project and to see how they've changed in only one year! If you're a parent of a second grader at MSES, please email me directly for link to a private gallery of all of the pictures where you can download and print the images at no charge. — Seanmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-schoolmanitou-springs-elementary-school

How To Photograph Your Children : Bribe Them!

how-to-photograph-your-childrenIt's Harper's 5th Birthday today and I decided to remember the day by taking pictures of the kids. Photographing children can be challenging. Getting them to stay still, for instance, is impossible. But there is one trick I've learned when I take pictures of my kids that you may find helpful. Bribery goes a long way! For these pictures I promised them big lollipops after they sat for a portrait in front a wonderful window leading to my office. We had a great time.  Happy Birthday Harper! — Sean how-to-photograph-your-childrenhow-to-photograph-your-childrenhow-to-photograph-your-children

Brooklyn Baby Pictures : Baby Myna

brooklyn-baby-picturesIn October I visited Brooklyn recently to see my Sister Viney and to meet Myna Maple, 4 months. It's the perfect age for baby photography, I say:) Myna's a blue-eyed babe with big ears just like her cousin Harper! I had planned to spend a whole week, but thanks to Hurricane Sandy I stayed a few extra days.  It wasn't bad…especially since I got to see more of her great smile. Myna is the first cousin on either side and our kids are already captured by her. — Cathybrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-picturesbrooklyn-baby-pictures



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