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colorado-springs-wedding-photographerDo you remember the blue tuxedo? How about the black and white picture of the couple with just the flowers in color? Or how about trashing your dress? And will putting Star Wars or Jurassic Park in the background ever get old? Whatever the next new thing is, probably won't be tomorrow. And wedding photography is the sorry proof. When you look back later, you can’t help but ask yourself, "What was I thinking?” Honestly? Style is a ruse. A charade. A polite veil hiding what's really important. And the worst part about style is that it grows up to be cliche. The more people that practice a certain style? The more cliche it becomes. What if we stop thinking aboutcolorado-springs-wedding-photographerstyle and start thinking about substance? Have a conversation with your 60-year-old self. What is it that will be important to that person? I think moments. Especially moments between loved ones. Those are never about style, but about something more. Moments will last longer than any stylish picture that’s all the rage right now. Here's a thought. What if we ignored style for the entire wedding day and just thought about having meaningful moments instead? How would that change your view of your wedding photographs when you look through them on your 25th wedding anniversary? — Sean

Addie & Adam’s Ultimate Wedding Book

Addie and Adam's Ultimate Wedding Book arrived. It's a beautiful presentation of their wedding. They were married at a small farm outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. — Seanwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-weddingwedding-album-portsmouth-new-hampshire-wedding

Keystone Wedding : Bonnie & Erin

Bonnie and Erin were married at the Ski Tip Lodge at Keystone in March. Bonnie and Erin, with help from Denver's Sapphire Celebrations, planned a destination wedding. About 40 of their family and friends traveled from Chicago. The Ski Tip Lodge, is just like it sounds, a quaint and beautiful old lodge that spends most of its time as a B&B operated by Keystone and some of its time as a wedding chateau complete with a chef that prepares the most exquisite gourmet meals. Thanks Bonnie and Erin for inviting me to a photograph your wedding! — Seankeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picturekeystone-ski-tip-lodge-wedding-picture


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