Consider a Post Wedding Portrait Session

mount-falcon-wedding-pictureYou’ve just planted a kiss on your partner and have exited your wedding ceremony to the applause and cheering of family and friends. It’s time to grab a drink and bask in a glow of happiness as you enjoy together your guests and the setting you’ve chosen for your wedding.


But wait. You have to stop and take family pictures. Seconds turn into minutes. Minutes into an hour. And that glow you felt as you walked down the aisle? It’s quickly faded into a permanent and painful smile. Your feet are hurting. And you’re starting to feel a little hangry, too. 


And you still haven’t taken those romantic shots you see in all of the wedding blogs. I’ve experienced this scenario over and over again as a wedding photographer. But it doesn't have to be this way. 


Consider scheduling a post-wedding portrait session on your wedding weekend.


I recently spent an incredible evening with a couple, Christin and Jacob, who married in a beautiful mountain location. They decided well beforehand that the experience I just mentioned - nearly universal for wedding couples in the United States - wasn’t for them.


Instead, Christin and Jacob spent an evening with me a couple of days after their wedding enjoying themselves and each other as I photographed them in the mountains with a dramatic sunset and a rising moon. It was memorable, relaxed and truly romantic.


We met at Mount Falcon Park above Denver for the session and timed it for the golden hour - that precious hour of sunlight before sun sets. Most couples never enjoy the sunset on their wedding day. By the time family photographs are finished, the cocktail hour is over and everyone rushes inside for dinner. Usually, I’m watching Dad toast the couple while the best light of the day disappears over my shoulder into darkness.


Here are the results of Christin and Jacob's post-wedding portrait sitting. I love how it turned out. — Sean


How To Get Great Wedding Pictures : The Art of Connection

A mother of the bride recently asked me in an email how I would describe my style. Here was my response: "I'm a former newspaper photographer. So my style might be photojournalism. But beyond that my method is to photograph connection. Connection between the couple, their families and their friends. If there's one thing it's to photograph people making a connection with each other, that happens mostly in unrehearsed or unscripted moments throughout the day."  The ability to connect with people in a way that goes beyond the cliché is what makes a great wedding picture. Here is a sampling of wedding pictures illustrating the Art of Connection. — Sean How-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesHow-To-Get-Great-Wedding-PicturesGarden of the Gods Club wedding picturesBroadmoor wedding pictures

Stacey & Mike’s Sanctuary Wedding

Stacey and Mike's were married at the Sanctuary Golf Course in June. Stacey and Mike fell in love skiiing at Vail and flyfishing Colorado Rivers. They chose the Santcuary for its incredible views. Thank you Stacey and Mike for inviting me to photograph your wedding day!sanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-coloradosanctuary-wedding-picture-sedalia-colorado


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