Cayton Photography Journal: Senior pictures

Ruby’s Senior Pictures

Ruby's is a senior at Coronado High School. I photogaphed her senior pictures at Rock Ledge Ranch. The light was incredible and Ruby's was a fantastic subject. She has worked as a model in the past. Thank you Ruby for inviting me to photograph your senior pictures. — Seancolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picture

Cayton Photography Journal: Senior pictures

Corey’s Senior Pictures

I photographed Corey's senior pictures at Garden of the Gods park and at a nearby baseball field. Corey is senior at Doherty High School and is looking play baseball at Mesa State or Alamosa State University. It was important to Corey that we integrated his love of baseball into the pictures. To that end we photographed him with his jersey, bat, glove and catchers mask. — Seancolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-coreycolorado-springs-senior-picture-corey

Cayton Photography Journal: Senior pictures

Shea’s Senior Pictures

I photographed Shea's senior pictures along Pikes Peak Highway and in Old Colorado City. Shea is graduating early from Cheyenne Mountain High School and is passionate about the outdoors. She loves to snowboard and is attending Colorado Mountain College in the fall. We started with more "traditional" senior pictures in Old Colorado City and then we headed up the highway where we stopped and photographed with the fall foliage and her snowboard. - Seancolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picturecolorado-springs-senior-picture


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