Consider a first look on your wedding day

shove-chapel-weddingIn May I photographed Ashleigh and David’s wedding at Shove Chapel on the campus of Colorado College. Ashleigh and David are both graduates of CC and wanted to get married where they began their courtship. 

Ashleigh and David also wanted to have fun on their wedding day and were not opposed to seeing each other before their ceremony. Not everyone thinks having a “first look” on your wedding day is the way to go, but I always defer to the couple to decide whether to see each other before the ceremony.

There are a couple of advantages to doing it this way, and some strong arguments for getting most of your pictures done before the day begins in earnest.shove-chapel-weddingI want to start by sharing with you here what a great first look looks like:) Ashleigh and David decided to meet each other at the labyrinth just outside the chapel. I love the excitement and passion they shared with each other in these first few moments.shove-chapel-weddingshove-chapel-wedding

Now, on to the other good reasons — besides great, emotional pictures:) — for doing a first look.


Don’t Keep Your Guests Waiting

During my meeting with a wedding couple, they often share horror stories about photographers at other weddings they’ve attended. The story I hear the most is the 'waiting on the photographer' story. It goes something like this: “We waited an hour for the couple to arrive at their reception because the photographer took so long.” Another version of it goes like this: “I was in the wedding party and we spent so long taking pictures that we were late to the reception.” The photographer always takes the blame here. But actually, it’s the couple that made the choice to have photos taken at these times, and the consequences were that everyone ran late.


Keep Things Relaxed and Fun

I love doing portraits of the couple before their wedding ceremony because it’s more fun. When I’m pressed for time afterwards, I end up ordering rather than suggesting. To illustrate, here’s a fun photograph of Ashleigh and David. This only happened because we had the time to do it. Consider that if you make the investment in professional photography, the odds are very good that your pictures will be better if you give yourself the time to have some fun.

shove-chapel-weddingMake A Grand Exit
Because Ashleigh and David saw each other before their ceremony they were able to make an exit in a getaway car to their reception. Consider the pictures thatdon’t happen because you’re taking time away from something else to do your family photographs.shove-chapel-weddingI hope these tips help you avoid the bad photography experiences I hear so much about and that you get to enjoy your wedding day that much more! - Sean

Pauline Chapel Wedding : Gretchen & Mark

Gretchen and Mark were married at The Broadmoor's Pauline Chapel in March. The weather on this weekend was delightful and the weather cooperated fully. Gretchen and Mark decided to see each other and use The Broadmoor for many of their portraits. I love this shot of Gretchen's veil at the photographed at entrance to The Broadmoor. Gretchen and Mark's reception was held in the Ross Room above the golf club. Their guest list was made up of a small group of family and close friends. They are planning a larger reception at home later this year. I thoroughly enjoyed their day. Thank you Gretchen and Mark for inviting me to photograph your wedding! — Seanthe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturePauline-Chapel-Wedding-Picturesthe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picturethe-broadmoor-pauline-chapel-wedding-picture

Kara & Satej’s Flushmount Wedding Album

We just finished Kara and Satej's flushmount wedding album. This is a new kind of wedding book for us and we're are so pleased with it. It's a layflat album with photographic pages mounted edge-to-edge in the book. It allows us a host of new design treatments and we can fit a lot more imagery into the book. Kara and Satej were married over the course of two weekends and two different wedding ceremonies. Their first ceremony was a traditional wedding ceremony at the South Terrace at The Broadmoor. Their second wedding featured a Hindu ceremony and was held at the Black Bear Golf Club. Because their storyline was larger than most, this book fit for their wedding perfectly. — Seanflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-albumflushmount-wedding-album


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