Since the kids had the day off from school, we decided this morning to go for a hike in Cheyenne Canyon. It’s beautiful this time of year and we stopped by the stream near Columbine Trail to explore a stand of turning willows.It was a perfect little forest for little people. Abby and Harper worked together to build a “den” made of sticks in the forest and Jacob sat by the creek with Daddy. Afterwards Abby and Harper prowled around their den pretending to be mountain lions and stalking passing hikers along the trail. There were no casualities:) and fortunately I managed to subdue our lion cubs enough to make a great picture with Daddy. He turned 40 on Sunday and what better birthday present than a picture of him with the kids. Happy Birthday Honey! — Cathy


_MG_3985  _MG_4034 _MG_3964

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