It’s not what you think. While I would LOVE to be making pictures in some dramatic location, my favorite place to photograph is the staircase leading to my basement office. The staircase, you see, has a beautiful little window that streams in light and here’s the thing, it’s where I meet my kids. When I hear them coming down the stairs I grab my camera. They know Dad spends a lot time at the computer (especially in the off-season) and by coming down the stairs they have my complete attention. I really do love it! I’m not shooting nearly as much in the winter so I can practice my photography with this gorgeous light source and my kids get to play with me. We have a great time in, of all places, this teeny tiny staircase. I’ve made some magical images in this spot. Here’s a shot from yesterday. Abby stayed home from school with an ear infection and gave me a Valentines. I have the best job in the world. No? — Sean

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