What are your earliest memories from childhood? Chances are many of them coincide with pictures you have from that period, most likely taken by your parents. To some extent childhood is a forgotten era. Unless we have the photographs, our memories are hazy, unclear and uncertain. I’m sure most of us have reminisced with our parents about our memories of childhood. That’s why it’s so important to have pictures from that time. I try to remember to regularly photograph my own children – now ages one, three, and five. Yesterday, for example, I spent a 1/2 hour before dinner to play with them. I brought my camera and I made some relaxed portraits while we played. They accepted me well enough and after a few minutes forgot about the camera. The real secret to photographing children? Spend time with them on their level and on their turf. Most of us forget that when it comes to taking pictures of children, it’s not about posing them… it’s about participating with them. I hope that my children can look back through their pictures and fondly remember some of these moments from their childhood. — Sean

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