How To Save Money On Wedding Photography

How To Save Money On Wedding Photography

Don’t buy all of the digital files from your wedding photographer, buy only what you want.

It’s standard practice today for photographers to shoot the heck out of any event. We make more pictures than anyone could possibly use.  At the same time, brides and grooms are insisting they want ALL of the pictures from their wedding. The desire is to be able distribute and print pictures on their own.

Save Money On Wedding Photography

But take a look at this contact sheet from Amy and James’ Crested Butte Mountain Wedding above. There are dozens of duplicate images.

On any wedding day, I take several thousand pictures and provide couples with an edited take of 600-800 images. But even that is too many!

I shoot that many and edit it down to a sizable number to give my couples choices. And yet, I would never post this many pictures in a wedding portfolio online, put in an album or post to Facebook.

Providing a large number of proofs is the FIRST STEP in the process of deciding on a narrative, selecting an image to frame or choosing a selection to distribute to friends and family.  It is not the finished product!

Save Money On Wedding Photography

An album spread from Amy and James’ Crested Butte wedding presents just three of their best pictures.

Save Money On Wedding Photography, Buy Only What You Want

If you want to save money on your wedding photography, decide on and purchase only what you want after the wedding. It may be a handful of the best wedding pictures to print from, a well-designed album or a framed print. By negotiating with your photographer for only those images and products you need, you’re going to save $$$.

And of course, if you want all of the pictures? We can do that for you too:)

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