wetmorecoloradowedding7  Not seeing each other is one of those wedding traditions with a murky past. Unlike bride kidnapping or a white wedding, it’s provenance is questionable at best. Yet, many brides and grooms still hold this to be a valuable and important ritual on their wedding day. My suggestion to all couples I meet with is to see each other before the wedding and for a couple of very good reasons. First, it’s such a great picture opportunity! Just check out this beautiful moment between Elizabeth and Chris’ before their ceremony. It allows me to add depth to a portfolio that I often can’t re-create for couples after the wedding. The other reason, and just as important, is to escape the more time-honored and understandable tradition of having to “wait on the photographer” before enjoying the cocktail hour and reception. It’s the one horror story that I hear over and over again. Why torture the guests (and me) all for the sake of tradition? The answer always seems to be that the emotional high of the ceremony is devalued. After many years of photographing weddings, I’ve never found that to be true. The picture of Elizabeth standing at the altar as her father gives here away is a good example here too. Nevertheless, if it’s that important I will create a schedule that involves an interruption of the wedding day activities to allow for photography. And still, if there’s one tradition that I would toss out the window (especially if pictures are a priority) it’s this one. — Sean



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