Sigrid and Brock were married at Shove Chapel in September. A dinner reception at the Glen Eyrie Castle was held outside at sunset. Sigrid and Brock’s wedding was delightfully creative. Their wedding theme was fashioned around the idea of oranges; this because of a comment Brock made to Sigrid during their courtship about the nature of love and oranges. Lori Goede of Skyway Creations did a fabulous job with their theme not to mention Sigrid’s incredible bouquet. After their ceremony, Sigrid and Brock were chauffered to the castle in a 1959 Roll’s Royce courtesy of DDG Classic. For a wedding photographer it doesn’t get any better than a beautiful and happy couple, a 1959 Rolls Royce and an honest-to-goodness castle, one of Colorado Springs hidden treasures. The evenings’ entertainment was provided by Audio Enlightenment. See more images from Sigrid and Brock’s wedding day on our Facebook page: **Click Here** Thank you both for inviting me to photograph your wedding day! — Sean

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