Wedding Books by Cayton Photography

Renaissance Wedding Book

The perfect showcase of your best wedding pictures. Matted album with 8×10 photographic prints one per page. This wedding album is archival heirloom that will last generations.

Flush Mount Wedding Book

Our layflat album that comes with custom a box and monogrammed leather cover. The layflat pages are photographic prints mounted edge-to-edge to the page. A host of design treatments with lots of imagery.

Ultimate Wedding Book

Designed and bound in Italy, the Ultimate wedding book features exquisite textured linen pages and a personalized cover with your choice of material, metallic or leather. The book combines the uniqueness of seamless binding and the most advanced digital technologies — digital offset printing.

Fine Art Wedding Book

The Fine Art Wedding Book is a library-bound, pin-hinge album custom designed by us. It is a beautiful, classically styled book and offers an almost limitless selection of matting and cover materials. Materials come from environmentally sustainable European mills, ensuring suitability for long-term photographic presentation.


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