Your Wedding Pictures Delivered In Days, Not Weeks

Imagine getting Your Wedding Pictures delivered in days, not weeks. It sounds like a fantasy. But for our clients it’s a dream come true. In 2016, every one of our 25+ couples received their wedding portfolio, color-corrected and retouched within a week of their wedding day. One couple, Katrina and John, married at the New Craftwood Inn on a Thursday. Katrina and John got their edited photographs and album design the very next day.

How did we get their wedding pictures delivered so fast? We make sure to get things right in camera so we avoid the tedious time it takes to “fix a photograph in post.”

No one should have to wait weeks or even months to get their wedding pictures. Our personal best turnaround time? Two weddings in one weekend with wedding portfolios delivered to both couples by Wednesday. Yay!

If you have recently married friends, ask them how long it took to get their wedding pictures from their photographer. Odds are good it took several weeks. The worst wait I’ve ever heard of was three months. This is a real disservice to newlyweds who may want to use their photographs in thank you cards, print wedding pictures as gifts, post images on social media or make a book for their parents.

Our promise to you is this: We won’t make you wait. We will deliver your pictures before you return from your honeymoon:) — Sean

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