How To Get Natural Wedding Pictures

How To Get Natural Wedding Pictures

Here is a storytelling scene from Jill and Ben’s wedding day at the Garden of the Gods Club. I photographed Ben getting ready with his Dad, his brother and his father-in-law. It’s a nice illustration of a tried and true recipe for getting natural wedding pictures.


Hire A Wedding Photojournalist

One of the tenets of photojournalism is truthful documentation. Photojournalists don’t impose their vision on your wedding day. Rather, they start with you first and create an honest narrative where you and your families are the main characters of the story. To put it another way, the wedding photojournalist starts with the goal of faithfully representing you and your loved ones.

Give Your Photographer All Access

Great photojournalism is all about capturing unrehearsed moments in a relaxed and natural way. Allow your photographer all access. This can only be done in collaboration with you! Let them see your interactions with your loved ones. Let your photographer be inside the room AND inside the relationship.

Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to have fun in front of your wedding photographer. They want to see that side of you. Expression is a key to great wedding pictures and the more opportunities your photographer has to capture expressions, the better.


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