Tasteful Boudoir Pictures Denver

Kylee’s tasteful boudoir pictures is a gift to her husband on their one-year wedding anniversary.

How We Created Kylee’s tasteful boudoir pictures

Kylee emailed when she had the idea and we swapped a few pictures back and forth via email.

We were inspired by a famous boudoir shoot and book by Douglas Kirkland called “With Marilyn An Evening 1961”  The boudoir pictures show Marilyn in bed covered only by a bed sheet. It’s as sexy as it gets yet nothing is revealed!

We decided to use Kylee’s guest bedroom since it had wonderful window light and plenty of space to shoot in.

We scheduled the shoot in the morning after Kylee’s husband had gone to work. Kylee visited her stylist beforehand. Getting hair and makeup done before a shoot like this is always a good idea.

The session took roughly an hour and afterwards I processed and posted all of Kylee’s images online in a password protected gallery.

What Kylee Said About The Experience

Here’s how Kylee described creating her tasteful boudoir pictures. And most importantly what her husband Ben’s reaction was when he saw the pictures.

“I am so happy I jumped out of my comfort zone and decided to do this photo shoot as an anniversary gift for my husband. Sean made it fun and easy. With just a few concept images as his guide, and my humble guest room as his studio, Sean created a stunning set of photos that perfectly fit the style and look I was hoping for. I am still amazed at how beautiful the photos are. And the best part: my husband was completely blown away by the surprise. He swears it’s the best gift he’s ever received!” — Kylee